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Qualified, Experienced & Friendly Home Finance Brokers

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Steven DeMorett, Owner SJD Mortgage Services  

Since 2008 I have delivered customized and efficient

home loan service.  We have your best interest in mind.

Check out my SJD Page and Contact Info

Amber DeMars, Mortgage Broker  

My favorite part of the process is helping you safely

 navigate the largest purchase you may ever make.

Check out my SJD Page and Contact Info

Tory Sletten, Mortgage Broker 

Hello, I am Tory and I can offer you fast and friendly
mortgage services 
in the great state of Florida.

Check out my SJD Page and Contact Info

SJD Offers Mortgage Services in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida


We are a Red Wing, Minnesota based
Mortgage Broker offering Home Loans
in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida

100% Financing or Zero Down Payment
Programs Available to MN and Wisconsin  Home Owners (qualifying terms apply)

Intro Video to SJD Mortgage Services

Simple Prequalification with a phone call
or using link below:



 SJD Mortgage Services Can Help You!

  • First-time home buyers, or are moving to a different home

  • Have either a large down payment, or no money down

  • Have perfect credit, or you have some issues in your credit history

  • Moving across town, or relocating 

  • Need a fixed or adjustable rate or a 10, 15 or 30 year mortgage

  • Purchasing, refinancing or looking for a home equity loan

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