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Hello from Amber!

I decided to get into the real estate industry after reading the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which has changed my perspective on what I wanted to do in my career. Previously working in healthcare, I wanted to make sure it was the right move for me. I have always been compassionate in my work; a natural empath and an advocate for those I have the opportunity to serve. I have found a beautiful balance to align my natural skills with my newly found passion as a Mortgage Broker. My favorite part of my new adventure is being able to help people confidently navigate the largest purchase they may ever make. If you are looking to purchase a new home or want to learn your options for refinancing, reach out to me today!

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Contact Amber Demars Mortgage Loan Originator


Mortgage Loan Originator – NMLS #2156531

Cell: (651) 808-1775


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